Decor & Pottery

Decor & Pottery

Terra Cotta Clay Pottery

Pitcher 1

Pitcher with Cup

Serving Plate

Left: Bowl     Top: Salad Plate 

Right: Dinner Plate

Salsa Bowl

Small, medium, large Pots

Appetizer Square Plate

Appetizer Round Plate

3 in 1 Salsa Bowls

Small and Large Shot Glasses

Round Floral Shot Glass

Floral Shot Glass

Dinner Set for 6

Small, medium, large  Planter

Drinking Glasses

Wine Glass

Margarita Glass

Martini Glass

Cup Set 1

Cup Set 2

Cup Set 3

Hand Paintings

La Sirena 1

La Sirena 2

La Mujer 1

La Mujer 2

Luna y Sol

Vida y Muerte 1

Vida y Muerte 2

Bell Peppers 


Small, Medium & Large Star Lights

Butterfly Lamp