Las Fuentes Mexican Grill
Redlands, California

The Mexican food industry is one of the fastest growing restaurant themes in the United States. Why not give your establishment that competitive advantage by providing an authentic Mexican atmosphere?

In the fast growing Mexican food business, Mexican restaurants can’t get by on just great food; They need to provide a unique Mexican experience as well. Our goal is to fulfill the need for Mexican restaurant furnishings and décor by providing:

  • Hand-Painted Talavera Tile Restaurant Tables
  • Rustic Wood PlankRestaurant Tables
  • Wrought Iron Restaurant Chairs
  • Equipales, Authentic Mexican Leather Chairs
  • Rustic Hardwood Restaurant Chairs

Hand painted talavera tile restaurant table top

wrought iron restaurant chair

Hand painted talavera tile restaurant table top

equipales, authentic mexican leather chairs

La Casa de Mexico
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